Digital fleet management

Digital fleet management: Why it’s also worthwhile for small fleets to digitize their fleet

Are you responsible for a fleet of vehicles and wondering whether it makes sense to digitize vehicle management? The answer is yes, because digital fleet management has many advantages. Even if you only have a few vehicles in your fleet, digital solutions can provide significant relief and greater transparency. In this blog post, you will find out why it makes sense to digitize your fleet and how you and your company can benefit from it.

Digital fleet management takes the strain out of everyday office life

With a digital solution, you can handle the large volume of tasks easily and efficiently. Time-consuming routine tasks can be automated so that you no longer have to do them manually. Consider, for example, the recording and maintenance of driver and vehicle data. Thanks to software, you can collect and manage them centrally in one place. This saves a lot of time and reduces the workload. Even important dates and deadlines, for example for maintenance or driver’s license checks, are not forgotten thanks to fleet software.

As a fleet manager, you know how challenging it can be to manage vehicles. No matter Whether you work for a small company with only a few company cars or for a large company with a large number of vehicles – effective and efficient fleet management is essential. They must ensure that all vehicles are ready for use at all times, that safe and efficient routes are planned and that accidents and damage are minimized. Your tasks also include keeping an eye on deadlines and time limits and complying with the statutory owner liability obligations. You will also be responsible for managing the fleet cost-effectively and identifying and implementing potential savings. Fleet software makes it easier to manage vehicles and helps to maintain an overview.

More transparency through cost analyses and digital claims management

The digitalization of the vehicle fleet has the advantage that all data, costs and expenses can be automatically recorded and evaluated. With fleet management software, you always have an overview of all costs, such as fuel receipts, workshop invoices or insurance premiums. A transparent cost analysis for each vehicle allows you to identify potential savings and thus reduce fleet expenditure.

Damage management can also be handled digitally. The digital damage file provides an overview of all damage to the vehicle and enables simple documentation of the damage history. This also simplifies billing with insurance companies and garages.

Digital fleet management
Fleet software simplifies the handling of claims and provides a complete overview.

Digital fleet management supports compliance with keeper liability obligations

Fleet software also supports compliance with statutory owner liability obligations and ensures greater safety in the fleet. With useful tools for driver’s license checks and driver training in accordance with accident prevention regulations, fleet managers can comply with legal requirements and minimize their own costs at the same time.

Drivers’ licenses can be scanned using a smartphone app, even while on the move. The results are stored in a traceable manner so that you can prove that they were carried out correctly in the event of a claim. You and your employees will receive an e-mail notification for upcoming or overdue appointments.

The UVV driver training can also be carried out digitally. The training courses can be carried out flexibly via e-learning courses. Instead of inviting drivers to face-to-face events, the online course can be completed at any time and from any location. The learning content is already prepared and complies with the legal requirements.

Procuring new vehicles digitally

Would you like to expand your fleet with new vehicles? Then fleet software can help you. With just a few clicks, you can order vehicles and easily expand your stock. Instead of contacting different dealerships, you compare all offers online and process the entire order digitally. You can then manage the vehicle data using the software .

Our conclusion: How digital fleet management makes your day-to-day work easier

The tasks involved in fleet management are not only varied, but also very time-consuming and resource-intensive. It is therefore worth using a software solution even if there are only a few vehicles in the fleet. This automates daily routine tasks, provides an overview of all costs in the fleet and helps to meet deadlines and schedules. Implementation involves little effort: Once the software has been installed, the data can be uploaded and then maintained centrally.

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The most important facts about digital fleet management at a glance

The digitalization of the vehicle fleet offers companies numerous advantages and minimizes the workload for fleet managers.

Thanks to efficient organization, you can save time and resources, improve cost analysis and make claims management more transparent.

Digital solutions can also simplify the checking of drivers and driving licenses as well as the implementation of UVV driver training.

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