Fleet management software that is worth it

From appointment reminders to digital vehicle files: Fleethouse fleet management software gives you everything you need to organize your vehicles.

30 days free of charge 

Mit Fleethouse erhalten Sie nicht nur eine umfassende Lösung für die Fahrzeugverwaltung, sondern auch ein intuitives Tool, das die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Teammitgliedern erleichtert und die Effizienz steigert.

Less effort, more time: Fleethouse supports you with fleet management

Fleethouse makes fleet management easier than ever. Whether you are a business or an SME, the fleet software has all the important functions for managing your vehicles . Once you have registered, you can get started straight away: Receive reminders for important appointments, process damage reports online and assign receipts to vehicles. This means less work for vehicle management and more time for day-to-day business.

That's why you should rely on Fleethouse: Our fleet management software helps you with these problems

Tired of maintaining too many Excel spreadsheets?

Organize vehicles and bikes with clear dashboards

Overdue general inspection?

Receive notifications for appointments and never miss a deadline again

Paperwork on the table?

Process all vehicle and driver data digitally in one place

High workload?

Digitize your vehicle management and save valuable time in your day-to-day business

Non-transparent costs?

Useful evaluations show the costs per vehicle and potential savings

Everything under control: Dashboards for an all-round view of the fleet

Mit dem Dashboard von Fleethouse haben Sie die wichtigsten Kennzahlen Ihres Fuhrparks immer im Blick

With the dashboards of the fleet management software, you always have an overview of your vehicles. This is because the amount of data can quickly become confusing. Would you like to know which vehicle consumes the most fuel or what the most frequent cause of damage is? No problem with Fleethouse, because with evaluations at the touch of a button you can quickly find answers to your questions, make decisions and take measures for optimization. In addition to important vehicle deadlines such as the HU or AU, the fleet management software also shows you expiring contracts and open damage reports.

Your complete solution

Thanks to the modular structure, you can add and cancel the desired functions as required

For every budget

With fleet management software from Fleethouse, you get a powerful package at a low price

Effortless data maintenance

Upload your data conveniently via Excel template or VIN query as well as images via drag & drop

Would you like a little less effort in your day-to-day fleet work?

Register now with Fleethouse and test all functions of the fleet management software free of charge for 30 days.

Module: Fleet management

2,90 €

monthly per vehicle

If your vehicle data is already available in Excel format, you do not need to type it in, but can import it directly using the Fleethouse templates. Simply download it, fill it with the data and upload it back to Fleethouse.

Record all vehicle data and link it to the corresponding drivers, including the associated documents, such as leasing contracts. The VIN query automatically inserts technical data and optional extras so that you don’t have to type them in.

Record all relevant driver data, including driver’s license class and other qualifications.

The dashboards of the fleet software are your digital navigation system in everyday life. They show all pending tasks, costs and other key figures in the fleet at a glance. From here you can also go directly to the corresponding editing dialog.

The digital file contains all data, processes, documents and images relating to the vehicle. The assigned drivers are also historicized. This means you have all your documents clearly sorted in one place and save a lot of time.

Create individual or series appointments, e.g. for general inspections or driver instructions. You and, if applicable, the drivers are reminded of upcoming and overdue deadlines by e-mail.

Record all costs and data on an ongoing basis. You can monitor whether costs and mileage are in the right proportion to contracts and refueling. Clear reports show cost trends and outliers.

You can see at a glance which leasing contracts are expiring and where the actual mileage does not match the contract. This allows you to take appropriate measures to avoid additional costs.

Record all relevant data on damage to your vehicles and generate useful evaluations.

Record fine notices and quickly identify the driver in question. Standard letters to both drivers and authorities are available for direct dispatch.

Manage bicycles in the fleet incl. all associated documents such as leasing contracts or invoices. Keep an eye on service dates and UVV inspections.

Send emails to drivers and other contacts such as suppliers directly from Fleethouse. The e-mails are assigned directly to the corresponding processes.

30 days free of charge

Tired of Excel spreadsheets?

From now on, only create vacation overviews with Excel. Fleethouse fleet software is available for your vehicles. Register now and test all functions free of charge for 30 days.

The digital home for your vehicles: Fleet management software with a profile

You know best: managing vehicles can be a time-consuming undertaking. But not with Fleethouse. The cloud-based fleet software digitizes tedious routine tasks, collects all data in one place and takes the pressure off everyday office work. Excel spreadsheets and paperwork are a thing of the past.

Manage all fleet data in one place

The digital vehicle file has it all: technical data, processes and costs. And you? You have an overview of all contracts and mileage. So you won’t miss a thing. Avoid unnecessary additional costs and downtimes, and instead of laboriously compiling data, Fleethouse provides you with helpful evaluations.

The fleet management software lives from a lot of data. Don’t feel like typing? Upload vehicle data conveniently via Excel import or VIN query. You can easily add photos and receipts using drag & drop.

Auswertungen auf Knopfdruck zeigen Einsparpotenziale und Kostenausreißer an
Ob Pkw, Poolfahrzeug oder Nutzfahrzeug, mit Fleethouse verwalten Sie Ihren Fuhrpark unkompliziert und digital

Lots of experience, even more performance

The fleet management software incorporates many years of industry experience and a great deal of know-how. That’s why Fleethouse is the ideal companion for your daily fleet challenges. The functions are extensive, but operation is intuitive. Do you have any questions about fleet management software? Then the Fleethouse Support Team will help you and provide you with assistance.

Web-based software solution : Get started right away with Fleethouse

Fleethouse is a cloud-based fleet management software that you can test without obligation. Whether you work in the office or from home, you have access to the application via the Internet. Installation work or data backups are not necessary. Instead, the Fleethouse fleet management program is ready for immediate use: After registering free of charge, you can get started straight away and upload your data. Software updates and further developments of the booked modules are automatically available to you.

Mit Fleethouse haben Sie sämtliche Daten und Termine rund um Ihre Fahrzeuge immer im Blick

Everything under one roof: Modules for digital fleet management

Only select the modules that you really need for your fleet management. You can cancel or add these at any time. And all without hidden costs.

The e-learning course provides drivers with flexible training in the safe handling of vehicles and how to behave in the event of accidents. The results are stored in an audit-proof manner

From booking to owner liability to return: our car sharing software is the complete package for managing your pool vehicles.

Subscribe to the right company car with just a few clicks. Together with our partner FINN, we offer you an all-round carefree mobility package.

Want to order perfectly fitting stock and new vehicles for your fleet? This module makes it possible. Attractive financing conditions and short-term availability are of course also available.

Equipped for the future : Trends in fleet management

The way we move around is changing. One of the top issues is and remains sustainability, and more and more companies want to reduce their environmental impact. Fleethouse helps you to monitor and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Bicycles can also be organized with the fleet management software. Manage leasing contracts and service appointments for company bikes with just a few clicks. You can find out more about bikes in the fleet in our blog post Company bike: benefits and taxation.

Electromobility also plays an important role for small and medium-sized companies. The lower operating costs and improved carbon footprint make electric vehicles a sensible alternative. Flexible mobility solutions such as car sharing are particularly well suited to meeting the individual needs of employees and to optimally utilize the vehicles

Organisieren Sie mit Fleehtouse die betriebliche Mobilität und verwalten Sie Diensträder.

Do you want to get more out of your fleet?

Keep track of all appointments in your fleet with FUhr – make Fleethouse your new digital home.

30 days free of charge

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about fleet management software

Fleet management software is a digital tool that supports companies in managing and deploying their vehicles. Fleethouse is your digital assistant in everyday fleet management, for example in data maintenance, maintenance planning, driver assignment and cost evaluation.

Fleethouse offers you many advantages. The fleet management software helps you to keep an eye on appointments and deadlines, reduce costs and consumption in the fleet and increase efficiency. You can add and cancel the modules you need for your fleet as required.

We take the issue of data security very seriously. Your data will be stored and processed in accordance with the GDPR regulations. Fleethouse also offers encrypted data transmission and access rights with authentication to protect your data.

All you have to do is register with Fleethouse to test the Fleet Management module for 30 days without obligation. After registering, you can upload and edit your data directly. Only at the end of the trial period do you have to decide whether you want to continue using the fleet management software.

The 30-day trial period is free of charge for you. After that, the use of the Fleet Management module costs EUR 2.90 per vehicle per month. Payment is made by invoice at the beginning of the month.

Various video tutorials and guide articles are available in the fleet management software. There are also wizard-guided dialogs for certain tasks. If you still have any questions, simply contact our support team.