Safe UVV driver training in the vehicle fleet In progress for you

Training all drivers in handling vehicles and how to behave in the event of an accident is required by law, but does not have to involve a lot of effort. UVV driver training from Fleethouse has your back.

Die UVV Fahrerunterweisung von Fleethouse bietet nicht nur eine effiziente Möglichkeit, gesetzliche Anforderungen zu erfüllen, sondern entlastet auch Unternehmen von zeitraubenden Prozessen, damit sie sich auf ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können.

Uncomplicated and legally compliant:Digital UVV driver training with Fleethouse

Whether you have three or 30 employees, annual driver training in accordance with UVV is one of the most important obligations in the fleet. And failure to do so can result in severe penalties in the event of a claim. With digital instruction from Fleethouse, you not only ensure greater safety, you also save yourself a lot of work. This is because the content of the online training course is fully prepared, always up-to-date and accessible from anywhere. Drivers receive the invitation to the training course automatically by e-mail and the test results are saved for you to track.

That's why you should rely on Fleethouse: Driver training in accordance with UVV

Unclear what content belongs in the instruction?

Learning content is fully prepared, immediately available and always up-to-date

Uncertainty about legal requirements?

Verifiable documentation of driver training and test results

No time for face-to-face presentations in training rooms?

Drivers have access to the e-learning course from anywhere

Time-consuming appointment coordination?

Drivers automatically receive an invitation to the course by e-mail

Would you like a little less effort in your day-to-day fleet work?

The driver training will be available soon. However, you can already test the fleet management module free of charge for 30 days.

This is what the module offers: UVV driver training In progress for you

9,90 €

per exam

Create the driver data manually or using the import function via Excel.

The dates for UVV driver training are generated automatically based on the interval you have entered. Drivers will then automatically receive an invitation to the e-learning course by e-mail.

The e-learning course is divided into five clear chapters that are immediately available and regularly updated. The final knowledge test checks the drivers’ level of knowledge and is passed if 80% of the questions are answered correctly.

After successful participation in the UVV driver training, all test results are stored in a traceable and audit-proof manner.

Fleethouse provides you with an overview of upcoming inspection dates and the status of the inspection. Fleet managers and drivers receive an e-mail notification if a vehicle is overdue.

Available soon

Instruction as an e-learning course: How driver instruction according to UVV works

Fleethouse driver training is an e-learning course that is immediately available and accessible at any time. From sending the invitations to documenting the test results, everything is handled for you in three simple steps.


Automatic invitation

Once all the driver data has been imported, the training dates are generated automatically and the drivers receive an invitation to the e-learning course by email, including reminders and regular follow-up appointments.

Flexible training

The driver training is divided into five clearly structured chapters and can be completed on a smartphone, tablet or PC. The level of knowledge is tested with a final test.

Secure storage

All results and final certificates are stored in an audit-proof manner after the UVV driver training. This saves you a lot of organizational effort and minimizes the risk in your fleet.

Meet your obligations in the vehicle fleet

The driver training will be available soon. However, you can already test the fleet management module free of charge for 30 days.

Complying with legal requirements:Driver instruction as a legal obligation

Driver training in accordance with accident prevention regulations is probably not one of the favorite tasks of fleet managers. However, as prescribed by DGUV Regulation 70, the legislator threatens severe penalties in the event of damage if the instruction is missed or only carried out irregularly. Employees should be trained in the safe use of company cars at least once a year. However, what sounds like elaborately organized classroom training can also be carried out quite simply and digitally.

Contents of the UVV instruction

Fleethouse’s digital driver training is divided into five clear chapters. In addition to safety before and during the journey, drivers are trained in what safety equipment must be available and how to behave in the event of an accident. Participants are also trained in the use of electric vehicles. The final test of the UVV instruction tests the level of knowledge and is considered passed if 80 percent of the answers are correct. If the result is lower, the test can be repeated.

Flexible instruction - on the road, at home or in the office

Gathering all employees in the training room for a training session is costly and time-consuming. Instruction via an e-learning course is much more flexible and uncomplicated. Driver training is accessible from anywhere. Whether fitters, care staff or customer advisors in the field, employees can flexibly schedule when and where they carry out the electronic training. This saves you an enormous amount of organizational work and gives you time that you can put to better use for other tasks in the fleet.

On the safe side in the fleet

Fleethouse will update the content for you. This means that they are always up to date and legally compliant. However, it is not only the annual instruction in accordance with UVV that is mandatory, proof of this must also be documented. Fleethouse therefore also takes care of storing all completed tests. The evidence is audit-proof and seamless, and you can retrieve and track the results at any time.

Everything under one roof:The complete Fleethouse package

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Do you want to get more out of your fleet?

The driver training will be available soon. However, you can already test the fleet management module free of charge for 30 days.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about UVV driver training

The legal basis stipulates that driver training in accordance with the accident prevention regulations must be carried out at least once when a new company vehicle is handed over and at least once a year thereafter. If the driver receives a new company car, additional training is required.

In principle, the responsibility lies with the management or the employer. However, the fleet management is usually tasked with the proper organization and implementation.

Failure to carry out driver training in accordance with the UVV, or failure to do so regularly, can result in fines of up to EUR 10,000. The statutory accident insurance does not cover damage to health and life. In addition, the employers’ liability insurance association can reclaim payments made if the employer has intentionally or grossly negligently disregarded its obligations. If the instruction is delegated to a person who is not professionally or personally qualified to do so, a fine of up to EUR 1 million or a prison sentence may be imposed.

All results of the instruction are documented in a legally compliant and complete manner. In the event of a claim, you can then provide evidence that the training has been carried out. The content of driver training in accordance with the UVV is regularly updated to comply with legal standards.

Drivers receive an invitation to the e-learning course by e-mail. Click on the link to go directly to the course. Prior registration and password assignment is not necessary.