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Lower costs in the fleet, minimize the risk of owner liability and order new company vehicles directly with just a few clicks – the Fleethouse fleet platform makes it possible. Everything in one place, everything digital.

30 days free of charge 

Durch den Einsatz von Fleethouse können Unternehmen nicht nur ihre Fuhrparkverwaltung optimieren, sondern auch ihre Nachhaltigkeitsziele unterstützen. Die Software ermöglicht es, Fahrzeugnutzungsdaten zu analysieren und effizientere Routen zu planen, was zu einer Reduzierung des CO2-Ausstoßes und einer verbesserten Umweltbilanz führen kann.

Many tasks, one digital home: This is Fleethouse

Managing your fleet with Excel is time-consuming – even if you only have a few vehicles in your fleet. Rely on Fleethouse instead. With the fleet software, you can digitize and structure the entire organization of your vehicles. This means you have all your data in one place and automatically keep an eye on all important dates and deadlines. Even the most sophisticated table cannot keep up with this. 

Everything under one roof: Modules for digital fleet management

Only select the modules that you really need for your fleet management. You can cancel or add these on the fleet platform at any time. And all without hidden costs.

Plan and complete your fleet tasks: cost overviews, appointment reminders, damage reports and digital vehicle files.

From booking to owner liability to return: our car sharing software is the complete package for managing your pool vehicles.

The e-learning course provides drivers with flexible training in the safe handling of vehicles and how to behave in the event of accidents. The results are stored in an audit-proof manner.

Subscribe to the right company car with just a few clicks. Together with our partner FINN, we offer you an all-round carefree mobility package.

Want to order perfectly fitting stock and new vehicles for your fleet? This module makes it possible. Attractive financing conditions and short-term availability are of course also available.

Digital workflows make your everyday life easier: What the fleet software offers you

The table is full of receipts?

Record receipts quickly and assign them to vehicles

The costs are exploding?

Helpful evaluations show potential savings

Are electric vehicles worthwhile?

Electromobility check provides answers

Delivery times are too long?

Direct availability through leasing and car subscription

Fleet house on the fleet!

Meet us at the 20. and March 21 at the Flotte! in Düsseldorf. We will be happy to show you Fleethouse in person, answer your questions and tell you what else you can expect in the near future.

Welcome to stand J43.

Fleethouse briefly explained : How digital fleet management works today

Fast registration

Register with Fleethouse with just a few clicks and select the appropriate modules.

Digital jump start

Tutorials and guide articles are available in the support area to help you get started with the application.

Simple data import

Whether you use Excel or a VIN query, you can easily upload all data to the fleet software without having to type it in.

Digitize your vehicle fleet

From now on, only create vacation overviews with Excel. Fleethouse is available for efficient fleet management. Register now and test all functions free of charge for 30 days.

The digital home for your vehicles: For fleet managers who want to maintain an overview

Fleethouse has thought of everything: the fleet platform offers you the complete package for your fleet management. You can keep an eye on all important dates, such as maintenance, general inspections or MOTs, and never miss a deadline. You can also monitor fleet costs with ease. In this way, cost drivers for fuel consumption, damage or financing can be identified and measures taken to reduce costs.

Fleethouse also enables you to meet your owner liability obligations. Thanks to the e-learning course for digital driver instruction in accordance with UVV, drivers are trained flexibly in the safe handling of vehicles and how to behave in the event of accidents.

A new company vehicle in just a few clicks

Long delivery times and scarce availability put a spanner in the works for many fleet managers when it comes to expanding their vehicle fleet. That won’t happen to you with Fleethouse. With our car subscription module, you can subscribe to the right company car at the click of a mouse and have it delivered to your doorstep. This makes it possible to cover mobility requirements in the fleet at short notice, for example when a new employee starts or you want to bridge seasonal peaks.

More time in everyday fleet life

With Fleethouse, you can not only reduce fleet costs, but also save a lot of time. Instead of laboriously typing in data, simply import it via Excel or a VIN query. You can quickly enter receipts and assign them to vehicles. In this way, the fleet platform makes everyday work easier. And you have more time for other tasks in your day-to-day business.

Do you want to get more out of your fleet?

Make Fleethouse your new digital home and test all the functions of the fleet platform free of charge for 30 days.

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