Car sharing software for your fleet

From booking to return, with Fleethouse’s car sharing software you can organize your pool vehicles with just a few clicks.

30 days free of charge 

Ein zufriedener Nutzer nutzt unsere Corporate Carsharing Software zur nahtlosen Buchung und Verwaltung von Fahrzeugen, um den Betrieb seiner Flotte zu vereinfachen und Kosten zu senken

Efficient car sharing in the fleet: Fleethouse makes corporate car sharing easier

Company cars often have a long service life. Thanks to car sharing, you can use the vehicles more efficiently and thus reduce fleet costs. Fleethouse’s car sharing software offers you everything you need for this. Drivers can easily book the right vehicle themselves on the web or via the smartphone app. The car sharing software handles communication with employees and vehicle scheduling – for smooth corporate car sharing in the fleet.

How you benefit from Fleethouse: our car sharing software solves these challenges

Confusing Outlook calendar?

With the car sharing software's booking calendar, you have an overview of all trips

Frequent double bookings?

The car sharing software automatically assigns the right vehicle to each trip

Cumbersome driver communication?

Drivers automatically receive e-mail notifications in the event of delays and cancellations

No time for key handovers?

Flexible vehicle access via smartphone app and key box

Meet legal requirements?

The car sharing software can check the validity of the driver's license and driver instruction before the journey begins

Everything at a glance with the car sharing software: clear booking calendar ensures transparency

The booking calendar of the car sharing software visualizes all trips. You can see at a glance which employee is on the road with which vehicle and which bookings are planned. Although delays or cancellations are a nuisance, they cannot be avoided even with the best fleet organization. To keep drivers informed in these cases, they automatically receive a notification. The car sharing software then also books a suitable replacement vehicle.

Everything you need for efficient corporate car sharing

From booking to owner liability to return, with Fleethouse’s car sharing software you can organize your pool vehicles in no time at all. Test all functions free of charge for 30 days.

Corporate car sharing in three steps : How the Fleethouse car sharing software works

Vehicle booking

Drivers book a vehicle and the car sharing software assigns a suitable vehicle, taking into account the leasing kilometersand the range of electric vehicles

Holder liability

Pool vehicles must also comply with legal requirements, which is why a comparison of valid driver’s license checks and driver instructions is possible before every trip


Any damage or defects discovered on the vehicle can be documented directly in the Fleethouse car sharing software and forwarded for internal processing

* The module costs €9.90 per month per managed vehicle for the first 20 vehicles and €0.75 per driver. If you have more vehicles in your fleet, please contact

Fleethouse Corporate Carsharing functions in detail

Vehicle booking

Drivers can book a car sharing vehicle via the web application or the smartphone app, available for Android and iOS. All trips incl. Status and booking history are clearly displayed in the booking calendar.


The car sharing software automatically assigns the available vehicles to each booking, taking into account the equipment requirements, pooling structure and the best ratio of kilometers driven to the leasing contract. Double bookings are not possible. For e-vehicles in the car sharing fleet, only sufficiently charged vehicles are allocated. If no suitable vehicle is available for the desired period, Fleethouse will suggest alternative booking periods. In the event of delays or cancelations, a replacement vehicle is automatically rebooked.

Driver communication

In addition to a booking confirmation, drivers also receive automatic notifications in the event of rebookings, delays or cancellations.

Reporting and analysis

The car sharing software provides evaluations of vehicle utilization. This allows you to better understand when idle times occur and at which times the workload is particularly high. This provides you with a basis for further optimizing vehicle use and reducing fleet costs. Excess mileage can be calculated by forecasting the mileage of leasing contracts at the end of the contract in order to avoid additional costs.

Proof of travel

The software provides you with proof of travel. This includes an overview of the journeys per vehicle, the purpose of the journey and the distance traveled. It can also be recorded whether the journey was for business or private purposes. This can later be used for the taxation of the non-cash benefit.

Digital vehicle file

All vehicle-relevant data and documents such as mileage, contracts or registration certificates are stored in the digital file and can be maintained there.

Optional: Keyless vehicle access

With Fleethouse, you can give employees access to car sharing vehicles around the clock. The vehicle keys are stored theft-proof in a stationary key cabinet and drivers can access them using a PIN or chip card. Alternatively, you can place a portable key box in the car sharing vehicles. This allows the car to be opened via smartphone app. Retrofitting is not necessary.

Efficient corporate car sharing with Fleethouse

Register with Fleethouse now and test all the functions of the car sharing software free of charge for 30 days.

The digital solution for your corporate car sharing: car sharing software for your fleet

To ensure that corporate car sharing runs smoothly, you should rely on Fleethouse. Organizing with the email provider’s calendar tool may initially appear to be an inexpensive and simple solution, but in the long run it has its limits. Fleethouse car sharing software, on the other hand, makes it easier to manage and book car sharing vehicles. Keep an eye on all bookings, service dates and the condition of the vehicles at all times.

The advantages of corporate car sharing

Corporate car sharing has a number of financial and environmental benefits. By sharing vehicles, you can increase the utilization per vehicle and reduce the number of vehicles. This reduces acquisition, maintenance and operating costs in the fleet. Vehicles that stand around unused also cause unnecessary expenditure.

Electric vehicles are also particularly easy to integrate into a car-sharing concept, which can further minimize CO2 emissions in the fleet. A modern, more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient mobility concept also strengthens the company’s image and its attractiveness as an employer.


Support with owner liability obligations

Whether company car or pool vehicle, numerous legal regulations must be complied with in the vehicle fleet. Among other things, this includes annual driver training in accordance with UVV to train drivers in the safe handling of company vehicles. The Fleethouse e-learning course saves you a lot of time, as the content is already prepared and can be accessed immediately. All test results are stored in a traceable manner. Before setting off, the car sharing software can then check whether the driver instruction is still up to date.

Everything under one roof: Modules for digital fleet management

Only select the modules that you really need for your fleet management. You can cancel or add these on the fleet platform at any time. And all without hidden costs.

Plan and complete your fleet tasks: cost overviews, appointment reminders, damage reports and digital vehicle files.

The e-learning course provides drivers with flexible training in the safe handling of vehicles and how to behave in the event of accidents. The results are stored in an audit-proof manner.

Subscribe to the right company car with just a few clicks. Together with our partner FINN, we offer you an all-round carefree mobility package.

From booking to owner liability to return: our car sharing software is the complete package for managing your pool vehicles.

This car sharing software puts an end to double bookings

With Fleethouse’s car sharing software, you have an overview of all bookings and receive automatic notifications. Register now and test for 30 days free of charge.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about car sharing software

In contrast to a conventional company car pool, in which employees are each provided with a company car, corporate car sharing means that the vehicles are shared.Drivers can book and drive the vehicles as required. In some companies, private use of the carsharing vehicles is also permitted, which is not always the case with corporate carsharing. Taxation of the non-cash benefitmust be taken into account.Companies do not have to choose between the classic company car model and corporate car sharing. Both mobility concepts can be combined to meet the individual requirements of the vehicle fleet and the needs of employees.

Personal key handovers as part of corporate car sharing at the company location require appointments to be made and are not always possible. Digital key management uses tools to make access to and management of vehicle keys more efficient, secure and traceable. These include, for example, electronic key cabinets from which the corresponding key can be removed using a PIN code or access card. An alternative to this is a portable key box that can be placed in the vehicle and receives the signal for opening and locking via Bluetooth.

In general, corporate car sharing is suitable for companies of any size and in any industry that want to reduce fleet costs and meet their sustainability targets. Companies whose employees rarely travel on business or use their vehicles irregularly can particularly benefit from corporate car sharing. Fleets that mainly cover short distances are also suitable for corporate car sharing.

To prevent misunderstandings and conflicts between employees, all obligations and rights relating to the use of corporate car sharing vehicles should be defined in a pool vehicle agreement. Among other things, it specifies who may use the vehicles, by whom the vehicles are refueled/charged and what happens in the event of damage. A user agreement also regulates whether private use of the corporate car sharing vehicles is permitted.

If employees are allowed to use the corporate car sharing vehicles for private purposes, this results in a non-cash benefit. As with the private use of a classic company car, this must be taxed. In the case of pool vehicles, however, this is distributed among all users of the vehicle. The 1 percent rule or keeping a logbook can be used for this.

The 30-day trial period is free of charge for you. After that, the use of the car sharing software costs EUR 9.90 per vehicle and EUR 0.75 per driver per month.