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Is a car subscription worthwhile for the fleet?

Flexible mobility has now become a buzzword in many companies. Company car drivers should be as flexible as possible and no longer be tied to specific vehicles in the long term. The car subscription is one of many options for companies to provide their employees with a vehicle at short notice. But is a car subscription also worthwhile for your fleet? In our blog post, we explain how a car subscription works and what to look out for.

What is a car subscription and how does it work?

A car subscription is a type of short-term leasing, but it is much more flexible. As the name suggests, a car subscription is nothing more than a monthly subscription to a vehicle.

Similar to subscription models, e.g. for series or magazines, the car subscription is billed on a monthly basis and can be canceled just as quickly. The person with company car status or the fleet manager orders a car and pays a fixed monthly amount for it, which covers all costs for insurance, maintenance, etc. The refueling or electricity costs, in the case of electric cars, are usually charged extra 

What mileage do vehicles in the car subscription have?

The vehicles offered by Auto Abo are either new or fall into the “young used ” category and are usually no more than 12 months old. The mileage agreed for the subscription depends on the respective provider and the terms of the contract. A look at the small print and a prior analysis of monthly driving behavior provide valuable information here.

Can company cars be individually configured in the subscription?

In most cases, it is not possible to configure a vehicle individually. However, the subscriber has the option of specifying certain preferences on the basis of which the car can be selected. The higher the value of the vehicle and the more exclusive the equipment, the more expensive it will be.

Car subscription: The man is securing his assigned vehicle
Employees in the field whose vehicle is in the workshop or who are waiting for their new company car to be delivered have a mobility guarantee with the Auto Abo.

What is the difference between a car subscription and leasing?

At first glance, the car subscription is not too different from leasing. However, if you look at the monthly rates, it quickly becomes clear that flexibility has its price. Even if the bundling of various costs makes the car subscription an attractive complete package that even the best leasing offers cannot compete with .

The return: Who pays for damage or signs of use?

You rent a vehicle for a few months and now your subscription expires. The vehicle has been driven a lot and may have slight signs of wear and tear. What to do? In most cases, minor signs of use are not worth mentioning and are very rarely charged for. The situation is different in the event of major damage or even accidents. Here, the fault is first clarified and then corresponding insurance claims asserted. But a car subscription can also be an advantage here, as the driver does not have to worry about anything. The respective provider clarifies the incident with its insurance company and, if necessary, issues an invoice for a partial amount of the damage.

Can I buy the vehicle after the subscription period?

Some retailers offer this option. However, fleet managers should read the small print carefully and have the value of the vehicle checked.

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Is a car subscription worthwhile?

A car subscription is the most flexible way to expand the mobility mix in the fleet at short notice. Small companies in particular can quickly counteract bottlenecks and ensure that all employees have a company car at their disposal without long waiting times.

However, a subscription is only good value if you only need the car for a few months and you can really achieve the mileage specified in the contract. Delivery and collection can also be costly, as each provider works with other authorized dealers and charges may apply for delivery to a desired location.

However, if you calculate these costs in advance and need a company car quickly, you can use a car subscription to beat the usually lengthy process of ordering a new car, at least for a short time. The bureaucratic effort is almost completely eliminated with a car subscription, as insurance, maintenance and the like are handled by the provider. Another plus is the large selection of current models that are available at short notice. This eliminates long waiting times and ensures company mobility.

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The most important facts about the car subscription at a glance

If used at short notice, the car subscription can provide flexible relief for your fleet.

The car subscription includes costs for insurance and maintenance, only the fuel and charging costs are charged separately.

If you intend to use the device for a year or more, it is advisable to consider a leasing offer, as the monthly installments are significantly lower.

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